• Philanthropy


Our Humanitarian Programs include "Solutions for the Poor" where we take teams of workers, medical and dental staff to developing nations to provide food, clothing, basic supplies, medical and dental care to the poor. We provide aid to disaster areas and help families with food, temporary shelter, medicine and building projects.  With our Building Projects people are employed and taught skills that will increase their ability for further employment. 

In our Children Home (Covenant Garden Estate), we employ local professionals and also train others for new working opportunities. With our charity and enterprise approach, our missions include rescue and aid to children and families at risk, as well as business enterprise for the sustainability of the projects by providing training and employment to the communities at large. www.covenantgardenestate.org

Through our many academic, health, social and missions programs all our team members are community leaders with a passion for serving and giving back time, talent and resources to empower lives and develop stronger communities.  Through our Leadership and Business Training programs we are empowering people with knowledge and skills to start their own businesses or job creation.

Our philosophy involves partnering with the people of developing nations to provide solutions for their communities, thus giving dignity and satisfaction to all participants.

Our scope of philanthropy include work done in Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Africa, Asia, China and the Caribbean.